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I know how the parts of life we value the most seem to fly by in an instant. My mission is to capture the love you share, the daily expressions of joy, and the moments you want to remember for a life time. 

My Story


​It all started with a death!


Sad to say, but as a teenager I lost my mother to breast cancer. My dad remarried to an American and we moved to the beautiful State of Delaware. Moving to the US after enjoying a life living in  the tropical weather of the Caribbean was a life changing experience, especially since I arrived at fall time. After living through my first winter (i didn't like it and still don't),  while being cooped-up in the house in a strange land, with no friends or other family near by, I decided I needed to finally get a hobby.

I always had a passion for technology and had a bunch of gadgets laying around. One of those gadgets was a Samsung S630 digital camera that I had picked up on a recent trip to Radio Shack. Spring time arrived and I finally decided to head out to test my new camera. As a new photographer it  was rough and sometimes a bit frustrating but after dozens of hours  of trial and error, I started to see the  of result of my work.  Over the years my hobby evolved into a passion which eventually turned into a business. My inspiration in photography initially came from the people and history of the United States. However, it evolved over the years as I have been able to travel and explore new cultures. My love for photography evolved into a love for videography and cinematography as well. My favorite camera brands are Blackmagic Cinema cameras and Canon cameras and I use them on a regular basis to create special moments for my clients. Just looking back, who would have known that a cheap 6 mega pixel camera would go on to change my life.

Now I live in the Washington, DC area. My business is split between running a mobile  portrait and event photography business, (working in and around Washington, DC, Maryland, Delaware, and Northern Virginia area), and a videography business that helps companies and people create content for private use, corporate videos, marketing, and social media branding. I split my free time  between flying my drones, doing street photography in Washington, DC and  making  photography and videography tutorials videos for Youtube. 

I consider myself incredibly lucky to be doing what I do, and I try to share my passion for photography and videography with everyone that I work with. If you would like to consider working together, I would love to speak with you. Please email me directly by clicking here

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